Copy selected rows from one repeater to anothe


Is there a way to copy selected rows from one repeater to another after clicking given button?

I tried with setting global variable: selected rows values and then after button is hit adding row to second repeater but I can add only one row, I don’t know how to add multiple rows there.


Take a look at this thread with a solution:

If this doesn’t help or you are trying to do something different, it would help if you could post your .rp file.

Any sollution? Have spent way too many hours digging for the info.

Lets say I have a table with 5 columns and 5 rows. I have managed to do the global variables and get one rwo, when selected to be moved to the other page’s repeater. The issue starts when I select multiple rows, it only diplays the last stelection in the list.

There are people who say that there is a way to do this just with global variables, as I do not want to make the dynamic panels. There has to be a way to move several rows, as in the interaction Page loaded → Add rows → there is an option to add multiple rows →

is there a place where I should implement an if statement (if multiple selected or something?)

Every thread is suggesting very complicated arrays and such, I just want to replicate that one function that seems to work, more than once.