Copy your published sitemap to Excel

I’ve created a bookmarklet script in an exercise to learn Javascript better and how to maintain a thing on GitHub. It copies the contents of the currently viewed prototype to your clipboard in tab separated value format suitable for pasting in Excel or as Repeater data.

TL;DR: Go find it on GitHub for a detailed description of how to use it.

Why did you make this?
I’ve started doing a thing with some of my larger prototypes because when the number of pages exceeds a certain number (or even just a certain level of complexity), keeping track of what has changed where can become next to impossible.

So I’ve begun publishing a changelog when I publish updates. It’s an Excel file that indicates all the Page Names, IDs, Change Status, and then the page URL.

How do you get the URL for each page?
If you have the ID value of a given wireframe, you can navigate to it by appending “?id=AAAAAA” to the end of the base URL, making it very easy to create a list of all the published URL pages with simple text concatenation functions.

What does this work on?
I have tested this with RP10 locally, as well as on Axure Cloud. I’ve tested it on RP9 prototypes on the Cloud but not locally as I no longer have it installed, but I’d guess it will work if it does on cloud.

I’m a middling JS programmer at best so the quality of this code may be iffy. I have several ideas for improvements to the custom version and will try to make updates where relevant to the generic version.

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This is already making my life easier, bulk page id export saves me so much time. Used to take like 30 minutes or more to manually go through each url and copy the id value for large projects (like 200 pages), now it’s near instant!

I’ve updated the script to allow for some new options.

  • indentCharacter can now be changed, defaults to " "
  • indentSpaces renamed to indentCount
  • columnOrder now allows for blank columns to be inserted by adding an empty string, “”, as an array element.
  • MIT License is now applied.

Open to any other suggestions or ideas!

Github Link

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