'Count If' (^) in Axure

I am writing an interaction where I need to calculate using ‘Count If’ (^)… is it not supported by Axure? When I am entering (^) it appears as string. Cant able to calculate. Kindly share your insight.


Could you supply some more description, and ideally upload a sample .rp file, please?

It’s not clear what you mean by “Count if ^” … Just what are you trying to calculate?

The caret character, ^, IS a string char. Do you intend for it to be used as an operator, e.g., a power? If so, all calculations in Axure interaction code are contained within the double-square-brackets, e.g., [[LVAR1 ^ 2]] to calculate the variable, LVAR1 to the power of 2. You can learn more about math calculations in the Axure reference pages here:

Or, do you intend to use it as some kind of delimiter within a string? You can use some common javascript string and math functions in Axure (again, all within the double-square-brackets.) Here is a list of variables and functions in RP7 and RP8:

I am sorry, I cant share the RP file due to compliance. But let me debrief, I am looking for similar ‘Count if’ functionality which is there in MS Excel. Want to build a functionality which should count ‘if not blank’, ‘greater than’, ‘duplicate or unique’.


First of all, Axure is not a spreadsheet or database tool, but rather a UI prototyping tool. But, there are several approaches you might consider, depending on how your prototype is set up and how realistic and/or dynamic you really need this to be.

It really depends on how you are representing your data or strings. Is it in one widget or text area? Multiple widgets? Repeater? Table? You’d need a way to programatically walk through your set of strings. This would be easiest with a repeater widget. You could also try to chain your widgets by having them “call the next one” --progressively setting each one to focus and testing your conditions. You’ll need some variable to keep track of your count–either a global variable or a hidden text widget. You can combine conditions in the Condition builder like so:

Or, if you can find a javascript equivalent to the Excel functions you might be able to inject it into Axure via Axure Share plugin or one of the injection methods described in the forums here.