Create a front facing camera video call mockup in Axure RP9 with HTML plugin within dynamic panel

Hi I’m very new to UX, like probably 2 months or less, and I’m at uni doing my assignment.
Could someone please help me? I’m doing UX design and making a plugin for axure to create a front facing camera mockup of videocalling and got it halfway right! Please help me, especially if you are well aware with html, css and javascript.

So what I did was I made the whole page a dynamic panel on the page “Video Call”
Then I uploaded my private project onto the cloud,
I added the plugin on the page as a part of the dynamic panel.

The layout looks okay-ish but it’s not functional. It does not recognize the device’s camera to use.

I’m trying to make it look like this on the page:

My file is not complete but you can take a look at it.
Camera Doorbell.rp (8.9 MB)

I would be ecstatic if you could help me out. I’m freaking out :’(


I assume you are adding the plugin on axshare. Can you provide the code?