Create or Edit a Plugin on AxShare Tutorial


Use Plugins to add custom HTML or JavaScript to your AxShare project in the Head, Body, or to a specific Dynamic Panel. To get started:

  1. Log in to your AxShare account, where you’ll see a list of all your uploaded projects. Find your desired project and select the Plugins option as you hover over the gear icon along the right-hand side:

  2. While the “Plugins” tab is still selected, click the big “New Plugin” button to create a new Plugin.

  3. Name your Plugin, add your code, and determine where it should be located.

  4. Select pages on which the Plugin will be applied.

  5. You can also go back later to edit or delete your Plugin.

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Thanks Rachel, I definitely think this Plugin feature has a lot of potential.

Couple of questions;

1 - Will Plugins ever be introduced into Axure itself rather than just no AxShare? If I want to host prototypes externally there’s no way of using plugins which is a shame.

2 - As Plugins are stored on AxShare will there ever be a way for us to create a Library of Plugins (eg Google Map, Facebook Share button, Twitter button etc.) to reuse? Instead of us having to create them specifically for each project it would be nice to store them somewhere and reuse them (whether this be on AxShare, or ideally in Axure itself, just like a widget library)

3 - Will you be allowing an easy way for users to ‘attach’ JavaScript files to a prototype which we can reference in the plugins section? I’m aware some users won’t want to touch JavaScript files themselves and will just want to reference them, and so including the relevant files on AxShare in a suitable folder eg “…prototypename/javasciptfiles/file.js” easily would be great!

Again thanks for the tutorial and for such a useful feature, I’m only asking these questions because I see so much potential! :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

Good, thoughtful questions! We’re excited about the potential for the Plugins feature too, and consider the current functionality a starting point only.

I hope you’ll forgive me; I’m afraid that at this time I’m not able to comment on any specific direction for added capability going forward. Our AxShare team has seen your comment, and is enthused by your enthusiasm!



Hey Rachel,

Thanks for putting together this walkthrough :)!

Having followed it, I have few questions:

  1. Can a plugin be used to store <html> elements say such as <audio> container?
  2. Within a plugin, can a user reference external assets e.g., files or links on other servers?
    My assumption for both is that it is possible.

I have come across only a handful examples of plugin use:
Paul’s CSS: AxQuery (assign css and css animations to widgets)
BugHerd: Stay up to date with the latest BugHerd news | Blog

Are you aware of any other examples which forum users can reference? Thanks for any info!




The plugin is essentially dropping any code you’d like into the head or body of your prototype, html, javascript, css, etc. So yes, you can use <audio> or <video> as long as you point to something that exists on the web (and not local to you).

Using the dynamic panel option you can place your code somewhere specific on your design area.

Here’s a related thread How will you use AxShare plugins?


Hey Paul,

Thanks for the prompt answers. I don’t know how I missed Jeff’s post. This would have saved me a post or two :slight_smile:



This looks interesting! So, follow up questions:

  • Does the plugin have to be applied to each page manually, or can it be applied to an axshare project as a whole?
  • When you push out an update to that axshare project, do you have to relink all the plugins?


Hi Darrel,

Sorry for the late reply here!

  1. you can select “All” pages [in step 4 of the tutorial in the top post], and then check the checkbox “Add to new pages by default” to apply the one plugin to the whole project.

  2. As long as you keep uploading the project to the same ID (that is, the same link) you won’t have to relink your plugins.



Hey Rachel,

Can you have more than one <script> block in a plugin?



hi svetlin,

you can add multiple plugins to a file and attach them to bottom of header, bottom of body or inside of named widgets.
you can also have multiple script- or css-blocks in a plugin but because it appears together if its one plugin i don’t know if there might be an advantage to split script into multiple blocks.



I will have to try it out. Thanks for letting me know!




how can i download publish version files of prototype from AxShare to my disc with plugins included? because in AxShare plugins is working, but when i generating html files, there is no plugins changing.




That’s correct - there currently isn’t a way to download the AxShare plugins in the manner you’ve described. This is a good idea, though, which I’m happy to pass along to our product team.

As you’ve found, AxShare Plugins currently work only with prototypes that have already been uploaded to the server. So, a possible workflow would be to re-upload the downloaded .rp file to the same, existing AxShare ID–which contains the existing plugin. I understand this isn’t a great solution particularly if you simply want to view minor changes in the local output, but it might be something to consider overall.

At any rate, to do this you’d need to either be the owner of the AxShare project or be an invited member to the Shared Workspace containing the project. If needed, here’s more information on Shared Workspaces, below:

AxShare Basics | Axure



Has there been any progress in the past couple of years on this request to support plugins in Axure, not just in Axshare?

If not, are there good workarounds, such as “place your JS/HTML/CSS files in folder X and load them up using syntax Y”? E.g. I think I’ve seen other threads where people have done that sort of thing by invoking javascript from a clickable link. (Maybe on-page-load could fire a hidden link’s click event? Not sure if the browser would allow that, though.)


+1 for adding plugins in Axure. Even just in AxureShare though, this is an awesome expansion of Axure capabilities.

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