Create style missing

It seems we’ve gone a bit backwards with styles. I was really hoping to see some improvements with the styles compared to RP9, such as the ability to select widgets when the style manager is open.

Instead, not only can you still not select widgets, but now the “Create style” button has gone. Unless I’m missing something, it seems the only way to create a style is:

  • Style a widget how you want it
  • Select the widget
  • Click Manage Widget Styles button
  • Click Add
  • Name the style
  • Click “Copy style properties from selected widget”
  • Click OK
  • Manually change the widget’s style to the newly created style

That workflow is awful…

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Thanks for your post.

I am using Axure and still cannot find the button to allow you to create a new style from the selected object. It used to be so fast and easy!

I hope this is not the new workflow going forward!