Creating full screen web app

does anybody have idea how to obtain in Axure a full screen app effect like the one in TradingView chart view:

  1. How to make resizable chart windows within restricted area?
  2. How to keep the sizing of panels when the browser window is resized?

Thank you all for the tips in advance.


Hi castellan9168!

You can do this using either the page’s OnWindowResize event, or setting up adaptive views for your project. Using the OnWindowResize event to set the size of the targeted widgets should allow you to get close to a responsive page like the one you linked to. Please note, however, that using multiple resize interactions on load of the page could significantly slow down your prototype in the browser output.

You’ll most likely see better performance setting up adaptive views for your project instead, but this would require manually resizing each widget on the page to the targeted size for each browser width. For more information about adaptive views, I’d encourage you to take a look through our reference page on the subject:

And my colleague goes into more detail about getting close to a responsive prototype in Axure RP, here: