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Hope Axure can help to implement the next and previous page instead of only next/previous state available.

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In general, you can submit feature requests to Axure by sending an email to or directly from the RP editor from Help > Contact Support These forums are not a guaranteed way to contact Axure as they are intended for use by us fellow users. Also, I would expect to only see a new feature implemented in the latest release, RP9, not RP8.

It turns out this specific feature was requested over 3 years ago for RP8, so I would not really expect it to ever be implemented in Axure. Here is the history, along with some workarounds suggested and demonstrated by Axure Support:

You can load the “Back to previous page” which loads the previous page shown in the browser. This is not the same as the “previous page up” in the PAGES list.

In RP9 you can take advantage of the new page navigation features which allows the prototype viewer to press the “comma key” on their keyboard to load the previous page in PAGES list and the “period key” to load the next page in the PAGES list. (They chose these keyboard shortcuts because the “shift value” of the “comma key” is ‘<’ (left angle-bracket) and “period key” is ‘>’ ) So you could include instructions to press ‘<’ for Previous Page and press ‘>’ for Next page. I don’t know if someone has hacked the js code for these prototype viewer buttons to apply it to a widget’s action, but that would be cool.


Hi MBC, thanks for your reply. I did read the post you mention above, but the support team never come out with any solution before the close the topic. I will try to contact the team thru HELP. Thanks a lot.