Displaying selected options on Multiselect widget when the widget is loaded


Hi All,
I need some help on using multiselect widget. I have a multiselect with 5 checkboxes in it and I have selected 3 of them in the prototype. I want the multiselect to be displayed with these 3 selected options by default when the page is loaded. However even if I select these 3 options, they’re not seen as selected on the widget.

Below is how I set it:

When I run the prototype, it doesn’t show the selected ones by default as seen below:

How can I figure this out ?

Thanks in advance.


What do you mean by “multiselect widget” exactly? There is no such default widget in Axure. Are you referring to a List Box widget? If so, then multiple selections are not supported in RP9 (see
RP9 documentation for the List Box). If you are using RP10, then multiple selections are supported, but must be enabled (see RP10 documentation for the List Box widget). Or, perhaps you are using a custom component? If you can attach your .rp file here it will make it easer for folks to help you here.