Does the adobe xd plugin have a development plan?

Does the adobe xd plugin have a development plan? I really hope that it will be as easy to use as the sketch plugin. Looking forward to an early recommendation.

Thanks to the team for bringing such a wonderful prototype tool.


I’m in the same position as Jeter - we are moving to Adobe XD and the ability to seamlessly port designs into Axure is becoming a real necessity (as exporting SVGs and amending them is becoming too time consuming).

I’d prefer to continue working with Axure but if nothing is planned I need to start looking for an alternative products which will fit with our workflow.

Hi all,

We are looking into expanding the number of tools that are integrated with Axure RP/have plugins, including Adobe XD. At the moment we don’t have specifics or a timeline to share, but you can keep an eye on our blog and newsletters for news. Thank you!

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