Draw Lines or Signature with Mouse



Did someone get this to work in Axure 9?


Hi @freiand , I’m new of Axure and unfortunately I don’t know how to solve. I’m still stuck with this issue . If you find anything that can help (or another solution to get a signature) please inform me.


I don’t have access to Axure at the moment but you need to add an Open Link action, choose URL then paste the code above after javascript: in the URL field. You should place the Open Link action on the OnLoad event of a widget or the page itself so it executes immediately.


Hi @nkrisc,

Didn’t get it working either. Tried both with plugin and open link approach but no luck.


Hi @AntonMircea,

Thanks for sharing the details.

However, the RP file still doesn’t have the interaction and may be due to it the signature is not working.

Can you please post a screenshot for interactions or guide on which elements did you show/hide or move on mouse out event?