Dropdown Challenge! Why won't this work?



I’m trying to store input from text fields on page one into a db and then use that text to populate a drop down in page 2.

I can’t seem to get anything to show up in the drop down.

Any guidance would be extremely appreciated.

CheersText Fields to Drop Downs.rp (61.9 KB)


If you are trying to modify the contents of a droplist interactively, then it is best to use a repeater widget instead. This is because the options of a droplist can only be edited within Axure RP and not during preview.

Since we are also trying to pass values across to a different page, you were on the right track in global variables. You will also need to set the corresponding global variables based on each text field as well.

The next step would be to create a repeater widget on the next page that looks and behaves like a droplist. For example, creating the header and then using the repeater to populate the options below.

I have attached a sample .rp file demonstrating this. To explain briefly, the manually recreated droplist functions by using a “header” widget that will show the group that contains the repeater below. The repeater item then has interactions that will set the text of the header and hide itself just like the way a droplist behaves. Be sure to include the same number of rows as text fields. There are also some styling “MouseOver” effects as well.

The tricky part may be setting the corresponding row to the global variable. For this, we used the repeater property “Item.Index” which just tells us the row number. Under the “Item Loaded” interaction, include a conditional case that will set the desired row number to the corresponding global variable.

Editing Custom Droplist.rp (61.4 KB)

Just in case, I have included a link to our repeater and conditional logic reference pages if you want to learn more or explore other tutorials.

Repeater Widgets

Conditional Logic


Thank yo so much!

I’ll give it a shot.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!