Dropdown list doesn't work on web browser

Hello all,

I am using Axure 9. I used the default dropdown list widget. However, after i added different options for the dropdown list, and published in browser, i found the dropdown list didn’t work. It is really weird cause i used the default dropdown list widget and i didn’t add any interaction on the dropdown list. I don’t know what’s wrong with the default widget. Does anyone know why the default dropdown list doesn’t work in browser? Thank you

Which browser are you using? And does it have Javascript enabled?

I use chrom and i opened the javascript enabled

That’s very odd. Even with a single option added (by double clicking on the widget) it should become interactive.

The only thing I can think of is if your widget is inside a dynamic panel state (so you’re trying to click a widget which you haven’t added anything to) or if you have a dynamic panel state that overlaps your widget, rendering it unclickable.

You can test the second one by moving your droplist widget to another part of your canvas and seeing if it becomes interactable. If it does, then you can go into the dynamic panel that is overlaying it and select ‘Fit to Content’ which will prevent it from stopping clicks going to your droplist.