Droplist inside Repeater

I’ve placed a droplist in a repeater. On “selection change”, the droplist edits the row data and sets the column data to the selected droplist item.

**Selection Changed**
Edit Row Data
(Repeater) set Column to [[This.Text]]" for This

The problem is, when I change the selection of the droplist it does change the content of the repeater column, but it does not change the droplist state to the selected item.

Has anyone come across a similar problem or know how to solve one?

dl-repeater.rp (46.5 KB)

Whenever you update a repeater, it gets rebuilt from scratch, using its datasheet. In your prototype, this means the droplist widget gets reset to its default state, with the first item, “Unknown” selected. So, you just need to update it as the repeater loads its items (rows).

I added the following action to the repeater’s Item Loaded event:


This just uses the text value in the “Column2” column to set the droplist selection. If the text value does not match one of the possible selections, then nothing changes (as is the case by default, where the Column2 value is “Name”).

Here is an updated file:
dl-repeater.rp (47.1 KB)


I’ve tried to do almost the same thing yesterday. Maybe it was late and my brain was ignoring obvious things… Works well for me now! Thank you so much!

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