Duplicate Styles instead of Overriding them

I have an issue considering widget styles.

I am working for a company that holds different brands, so my plan was to build one prototype and two different widget libraries (one for each brand).

What I did (to test, if this idea actually works) was to build a small library for Brand-A with a hand full of widgets and styles. I also build a very basic Prototype that uses these widget and styles. Then I duplicated the Brand-A Library, changed the color scheme and called it Brand-B. When I go now to my prototype I can swap easily between the color schemes (just need to “import from RP file” and select the respective library.

So far everything is fine.

Now I continued to work on the Prototype and the Brand-A Library. I created a lot more styles in this Brand-A library and applied them (always via “Import from RP file”) in my prototype. My problem now is, that when I try to ADD these new styles from the Brand-A to the Brand-B Library and then try to change the color theme in my prototype it just duplicates the styles (I then have two “Copy_100” in my prototype - one for each brand), instead of overriding them (changing the existing “Copy_100” from Brand-A to Brand-B).

It does not seem to matter whether I import them from the one to the other library or if I create them with the exact same name in both libraries. The only way that seems to work is to COPY-PASTE the whole Brand-A Library, change ALL the styles and name this copy “Brand-B”. But it is not an option to change ALL styles, every time I want to add a new Widget/Style to both libraries.

To me this feels like a bug. I am happy to go any other way, as long as I don’t have to redefine ALL styles just to add a new one.

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Take a look at this recent thread for some possible solutions and approaches.

That does not exactly cover my issue. Switching between the brands on a functional level is not the issue. Or let’s say I found different ways to cover this via a global “brandVAR”. But as the brands have a completely different theme (different fonts, different CI), I have to go via libraries.

BUT: I played around even more this morning, and when I delete all styles from the widget style manager of my prototype BEFORE Importing all styles from one of the two libraries it works. No matter if the widget/style was in the widget library from the very beginning or if I added is way later to the library.

It does not feel as if this is intended by Axure (at least it feels scary to delete all styles), but I am fine with this workaround.