Dynamic Calander


I have a requirement, where i need to build calendar view, just like any movie tickets booking site …

Attached is the screenshot for reference …

As as seen i would like to acheive complete functinality as expected with any calender slot booking + with same look and feel.

So, i am wondering if you could suggest any way around it ??


Calender.rp (73.6 KB)

Have a look at the examples here: https://www.axure.com/c/forum/advanced-prototyping/15795-set-todays-date-cell-calendar-table-[[now-getdate-]].html#post51476

Hi Joseph,

This looks Cool …

One query : I am using Axure RP 8 and i tried similar approach in RP 8, but some how its not working.

So, just wanted to check does this kind of feature feasible axure rp 8 ?


Hi Tarun -

Yes, it should do. I wrote a new one from scratch a while back in Axure 8. This one highlights the current date as well as the selected date, and you can jump to a particular year by clicking the year up top. It’s a bit faster as well.

Live sample

File: calendar.rp (130 KB)


Thanks This Helps … !!!

Dude, that’s a great example and really helpful - thanks.

Thank you for this great calendar widget.

Just a detail: if you want to put more than 1 calendar on a page, to highlight correctly the clicked date, you must set a different Selection Group for the ellipse called ‘repeaterDay’ in each repeater.


Any chance you could help to add a feature to pick a date range instead of just 1 day?
Calendar works great btw.