Dynamic Panel Jump Scroll Bug

I’ve got a dynamic panel with multiple groups in it and whenever I preview and interact with some of the groups in the panel, the scroll bar in the panel automatically jumps to the top. I read that this was an issue with push/pull widgets and has been fixed, but mine doesn’t have any push/pull logic and it’s still happening. I have to put in an anchor scroll action to make it stop but it doesn’t always work. I’m using Chrome on a Macbook Pro.

Hey @Ruteshmistry1, we’d love to investigate this issue with dynamic panel jumps. Can you email us a copy of your .rp file at support@axure.com? Please also include information regarding what build of Axure you’re currently on (Help>About Axure RP…) and what version of the operating system is set up on your machine.

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Rutesh was able to write to us about this and we were able to narrow down the cause of this bug. We have filed it for our teams to review.

The main culprit of this issue is the slide animation which when applied to a widget inside of a group, causes the auto scrolling in dynamic panels. If you’re encountering this issue, some possible workarounds are to use different or no animations with the “Show/Hide” action or to avoid putting these widgets in a group.