Dynamic panel, push pull widgets messing up


I am working on the attached prototype with dynamic content showing in the Email your breakdown sections (about half way down the page) based on what checkbox is selected. If you select Student, then Parent, then Teacher the panels show as intended but when clicking student the second time, the content sits on top of one another like this:

when it should look like this:

blog - dynamic panel push pull widget.rp (97.5 KB)

Hi axuredesigner!

The reason why the interactions are breaking after the first time is because the two things that are getting shown/hidden with push/pull are groups, and groups do not work so well with the push/pull interactions (widgets get pushed/pulled individually outside of their group container).

What may actually work better for your project so that you aren’t showing a widget and then hiding others, as well as resolving the push/pull issue, is to convert those into one dynamic panel with two states: one for the student toggle and the other for the parent toggle. I’ve edited your file to show these changes.

Lmk if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

blog - dynamic panel push pull widget_EDIT.rp (104.5 KB)