Need some help with push/pull functions for widget's outside a dynamic panel

I’m working with some complex information, so I what I have here is a horizontal tab menu that is a dynamic panel, with options below. I’ve designed it this way to reduce the length of the page for the viewer when they expand or have to go through information.

The issue I’m having is that in each tab, there’s another dynamic panel inside where the user can expand some sections. Ideally, I want these expansions to push down the content widgets below it instead of covering it. Is there a way I can overcome this without duplicating the content widgets into each panel?

I found this article in Axure 8 which tells us that the widget in a dynamic panel can’t respond to any widget out of it. I was wondering if Axure 10 has upgraded to make it possible or not. Dynamic panel, push pull widgets messing up

Hi @SaltyCroissant :salt::croissant:,

Just in case you haven’t already discovered the “Push/Pull” special behavior, some interactions are able to automatically push and pull the widgets underneath the affected widget. For example, using “Show/Hide” or “Set Panel State” interactions allows you to use this special behavior. To learn more about this special behavior, you can click on the link provided below to navigate to our reference pages:

However, the reason this behavior might not work when used inside a dynamic panel is because the panel itself is a container widget that isolates the push and pull behavior to affect only the widgets inside the panel.

You can still achieve the desired behavior by using a “Resized” interaction on the dynamic panel. Because the dynamic panel itself is being resized whenever the contents are shown or hidden, we can use this interaction and a “Move” “All Widgets below This” to simulate that push and pull behavior. I have gone ahead and attached a sample file demonstrating this. Accordian Example.rp (67.3 KB)

Hey Ben! Thanks for the accordion example. I’ve tried the ‘resized’ function you provided and it somewhat works as your example had the same amount of expandable content under each tab.

My project is more complicated as each tab has a different amount of content, so the space it takes to expand isn’t the same under each one. In preview mode, it shows the inconsistent spacing pending on which options I have open within each tab before I switch to different ones.

In my actual project, the dynamic panel seems to be restricted to one size of each panel, I’m not sure why it is that way, as the example I edited with yours doesn’t have that problem. In my project, its added arrows where you can expand and scroll to read that content within but it doesn’t push/pull the content outside the dynamic panel. (uploaded relevant pics of both your example I edited and the actual project of mine)


sorry it seems the forums won’t let me upload more that one picture at once so I have to reply like this

Hmm, for us to be able to visualize your setup a little easier, could you include your .rp file so we can take a look?

You can also email us at and send your file as an attachment if you prefer.

The resize/move events get a little weird. I think it’s based on when certain data is available in the order of events.

To resolve your immediate issue, I’ve had the best success with using OnResize:
Move External_Widget To [[Resized_Widget.bottom]]

Accordian Example - Debug.rp (519.6 KB)