Dynamic panel scrolling not working on mobile

I am creating a mobile prototype. Top header, main area, and footer.

The main area is a dynamic panel.

When the prototype first loads the vertical scrolling works fine, but if I switch the states a few times in the main dynamic panel the vertical scrolling stops working.

I gotta say Axure 9 is far too buggy to use as a professional tool, when are you guys going to fix this crap. . .

Is it possible for you to attach your .rp file? That will help other users on the forum here help you determine if this is an issue with how you’ve set up your prototype, or if it is indeed an application bug.

Alternatively, you can send an email to support@axure.com with your questions. I recommend attaching your .rp file as they will most likely ask for it. I’ve found them to be timely, responsive and helpful in the past.

I emailed that support email, thanks