Easily re-using the same onPageLoad event across pages

I’m using the same onPageLoad event with multiple cases and actions on a number of pages but when I paste it to a new page I have to go through and redo the targets as they don’t copy. Is there a way of reusing the same onPageLoad event without losing any of it? Or setting up a global onPageLoad event in one place?

I’ve tried using a dynamic widget and the onLoad event on that, thinking that I could just paste the widget across pages but that doesn’t seem to work.

The event is controlling dynamic content on a navigation and changing states of the navigation and panels etc.


MacOS 10.14

Are the targets the same on all the pages? If so you could try putting them all into a master and using a raised event with the onPageLoad.

Or consider not having pages and do it all in a dynamic panel instead. I rarely use separate pages in complex prototypes because of the sort of complexity you’re finding.