Edit repeater non text elements individually



I have seen this topic in forums for past versions of Axure (mostly around breaking out content from repeaters - which would be amazing ) - but I am posting here in case there is an un-discovered functionality of Axure 10 that can help…

What I can’t seem to do in Axure rp 10 is what I could do in earlier versions is to click into elements of a repeater and edit them individually. so treating them as individual elements even while they are still part of the repeater.

I don’t see the way to do this with non-text content - in axure 10 - is there way to do this - even if you can’t break it out - I can edit individual text content through the .csv file - which is a bit clunky sometimes - but for non-text content - ie - icons, images, etc - is there a way to do this?


I don’t see any difference between RP9 and RP10. If a widget is in a repeater, you double-click the repeater, then click the widget, then edit properties of that widget… What’s different?

…It works the same way regardless of the type of widget …or whether that widget has text, regardless if it is a rectangle, image, text field, etc.

…Why would you do that? Are you trying to edit content in the prototype’s HTML, or basically outside of the RP editor? Maybe you could post some examples or further elaborate on what you are trying to do…


No reason to bo so rude … I am posting what I have observed - and I am not a newbie here …been using Axure since I think version 7 or so.

and I noticed a distinct difference in version 10 - that others in my design group have also noticed - and one difference is how repeaters are handled. It is more tied to the .csv file - and automatically creates one for you instead of you having to do that manually as you might not need that for your repeater. (Now that I am thinking of it - I think it was actually v8 that I am thinking of it - I believe I skipped v9 and went right to 10)

So - in version 8 - when you had a repeater going you could click into any text or image component and edit just that instance of the repeater element without it repeating for all the elements of that kind - like one of the images in this example…

– for example - if I want this image to be different for each instance in the repeater - I think I can do that programmatically - though I haven’t had that working - but in the past I could also do that manually and say I want to edit this image for this instance of the element and not have all images change to what I said - but just for that one. (and also you will notice it created the spreadsheet with the text - that I would not have created one for it - as I might not need the full spreadsheet if my repeater is only say 4 items. ---- i imagine that it is perhaps just being more transparent to show how things will be stored in the backend so that it can manage it . it is just rather annoying that it won’t let you edit text in context vs just in that spreadsheet - at least I haven’t seen it do that in 10 - where I could easily do that in 8.

So now that I am thinking about it - it was probably version 8 where I could click into a repeater and edit the element individually for individual instances within the repeater - and not for all of those elements repeated… not sure how to do that in version 10 - THAT is my question - hopefully the examples explain it better.

It would also be really great if you could break up contents of a repeater so they become their own elements and not tied to the whole set to do more fine tuning which is not really easy to do in a repeater (but that is a whole other topic)…