Enter / edit text to widget

Hi, in previous versions I was able to enter or edit text on widget when it was selected. I didn’t have to double click to do it. On Axure 9 it is needed to double click and it does not always work, especially if the zoom is low, and then it gets into some kind of edit shape mode. Is there a way to roll back to the previous behavior, or some keyboard shortcut to edit text?

Thanks! very helpful!

Back to the original posting question - is there a way to roll back? I know when I first started Axure 9 , it asked me to pick. I picked wrong and changed my mind now :slight_smile:

Hi kingquake!

You can swap between having single key shortcuts enabled or disabled through Axure RP 9 at any time. :slight_smile: Navigate to “Axure RP 9 > Preferences” on a Mac system, or “File > Preferences” on a Windows system, and the Preferences dialog will display. From here, you can toggle single key shortcuts by going to the “Canvas” tab and selecting or deselected the “Enable Single Key Shortcuts” checkbox:

Hope this helps!

Gotcha, thanks! Wish there was a way to keep the single keys though but i understand why you can’t

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