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I am getting some strange interactions when adding rows to a repeater. Sometimes, especially when I copy data from a spreadsheet to the repeater, the ‘fx’ dissapears and the input becomes small (see screenshot). Most of the time this doesnt affect anything, but when I try to add rows containing variables and any other item in the row is like this, the variable wont load.

Has anyone found this issue or knows a solution?Screenshot%202023-08-10%20104121


I was able to reproduce the behavior you’re referring to and can confirm this behavior is a bug. Copying and pasting text into the “Add Rows” window will cause the ‘fx’ to disappear and selecting the entered text will also incorrectly display the cell. I have filed this bug for our teams to further investigate.

In the meantime, you can reset those cells to its proper functionality by reopening this “Add Rows to Repeater” window. Simply click “OK” and then “Add Rows” to reopen.

If you are only pasting a single cell of data, then you can double-click into the cell to enter text editing mode. Then paste your text and it should still retain the functionality.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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