Execute interactions in sequence

Hello. I’m totally new to Axure and so far I’ve found it to be very powerful. I’ve got one question about interactions. I’ve done a few tutorials that use the “wait” event to get events to happen in a sequence. Is there not a way to get events to happen one after another? For example, I’d like to say “on click” triggers an event that animates. Is there a way to then trigger another event once that animation finishes? I know I can also put a wait in that waits for the time it takes to animate but that starts to get cumbersome as I’m trying to do several different things and I’ll end up having a whole bunch of waits some of which are very long and that seems extremely fragile to me. Is it possible to get events to trigger after the previous event finishes and not run all events right when the trigger fires?

You can use the Fire Event action to trigger any event on any widget. You’ll still need the Wait actions or everything will nearly synchronously (it’s not actually synchronous but it happens so fast, in order, that it appears so).

By using Fire Event you can have actions on events that make sense and not a huge list on a single event.

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