Feature Request - Add groups in widget style manager

When working in complex projects with a lot of different features and components it would be great if we could have at our disposal the option to group different styles in folders in the Widget Style Manager.

Right now I’m doing different workarounds but all of those end up in the code; I create empty styles with easy to scan name, i.e. “----------Buttons----------” etc.

Anyone agree?

Hi @henrikw,

Thanks for posting this feature request and including your neat workaround as well! I can definitely see how being able to group widget styles into folders can help with organization, especially if you’re working with a large number of styles.

I have gone ahead and submitted this feature request to our product team on your behalf.

Has this been addressed and can we look forward to a better Widget Style Manager coming out? The organization of this feature needs big improvements. There is no good way to group or search for styles. We build big prototypes with several of us on a team checking things in and creating new styles. Please make this easier on us and improve this feature.

I’ve been asking for this for years, we need the same features as the components manager, with folders and a search facility, inheritance (like in real CSS) would be good, so would an export function like Figma. It’s been a big weakness in Axure for years.

Ah, this is great feedback guys and we appreciate it. I’ve let our product team know that an increasing amount of users are expressing interest in improved widget style management and for them to look into these use cases. Hopefully, this request can gain some more traction with this feedback!

In the meantime, although it isn’t the most graceful solution for managing a large number of widget styles, you can still reorder the styles by dragging them around the list. You can also import widget styles into another project with the Import Wizard via “File > Import from RP File”

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