Feature Request: Remove Interactions Recursively

This might be a pie in the sky or too niche of an ask but I would like for some way to recursively (including dynamic panels and repeaters) remove all interactions from a selection.

What’s my use case?
Lately I’ve been using Axure wireframes in some cases more as presentation slides / infographics to explain a prototype, layout or individual components. I’m doing this to document whole design systems (I got the idea from how AxureThemes previews their libraries), component variants (e.g. a page with all overlays in one place) or just as a landing page to explain to stakeholders what was changed since the previous publish.

This requires copying over shapes from existing projects, or in a Team Library and I want the look of something to order to describe what is shown but not its interactions. I don’t want clicking a button to suddenly make an element disappear off the page.

What I do now
If it’s simple, I’m removing the Interactions myself manually.

If it’s complex, I’m just putting a transparent square shape on top instead of having to click through a hundred different things. I worry that over time interactions will be happening with global variables I don’t realize, or a page might get bogged down over time with unnecessary interactions.

I might have what looks like a little dropdown/popover button but it’s actually a complex bit of prototyping that contains a dynamic panel where each state has a repeater with interactions embedded in each row as well as other shapes with their own interaction. If I have a page with ten of these buttons (each with different popovers), it’s going to take a longer time before the page is loaded.

What I want to happen
I select one or more shapes/groups pick Remove Interactions from a menu and Axure would recursively go through what I have selected and remove every Interactions panel.

This might behave counter intuitively with Components in the selection because any Interactions there would obviously remain.

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Hi @bamorris, thank you so sharing with us your request and use case–it definitely helps to understand what you want in detail! I’ve submitted a feature request for you–our product team will further review it to see if this change can be implemented in future releases.

Since you mentioned that you’re creating a presentation with Axure widgets/pages, one way to copy widgets without touching the interactions is to select your widget in the “Outline” pane in Axure RP, then right-click and select “Copy” – this will copy your widget or group of widgets as an image. You can do the same for a page by going to the main menu and selecting “File>Export Page to Image”. If you are talking about previewing your working prototype, then probably placing a hot spot on top of your design can be a good way to prevent these interactions. The other thing that can be done is to add the “Disabled” style effect to a widget/group you want to focus on, and on the “Page Loaded” event, you can set the “Enable/Disable” action for these widgets to true. This way, when you later need these interactions, you’ll just delete this page interaction and get to your working prototype quickly.

You can also create a Word specification that can contain information about all widgets in your project, with screenshots included.

I hope this helps!

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