Fiddly to add connection points .. shortcut removed

In RP8 I could press ‘Ctrl 8’ to add connection points. You have taken this shortcut away … now I have to do to menu selections to do it … much slower when I have to do a lot of work.

Can’t find it here … Axure RP 9 Beta Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi adamhughes,

In Axure RP 9, the shortcut for adding connection points changed from [Ctrl]+[8] to [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[P]. You can review the current shortcuts for Axure RP 9 here:

Hopefully that helps! Please feel free to email any feedback on the shortcuts over to :slight_smile:

Hi … That is not the same functionality.
Ctrl 8 on th eold system is like
-> Transform Shape
—> Edit Connector points
on the right click sub menu.

Crtl Alt P is does something else. puts it in a different mode.


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