Axure RP 9 Beta Keyboard Shortcuts


For the current list of Axure RP 9’s keyboard shortcuts, please see the following page in the RP 9 documentation:

Copy/Paste Locked Widget
Font Size control
Initial beta feedback
Fiddly to add connection points .. shortcut removed
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I appreciate the shortcuts and I think it’s the right way to go, but dammit if I can’t help but type into objects after selecting them! That’s going to be a hard habit to break.


It would be nice if the old shortcuts were maintained. Now some of my habits are broken and I have to learn new ones. Preview (. is a strange shortcut; if forces to exit any editable field otherwise you just type .)


Well done, I need a shortcut, but it looks like a lot, can you list the most important shortcuts, the usage rate is more than 80%. Thank you!


Is there shortcut for Edit text on widget? (other than mouse dblclick) I am missing it badly…


Hi uxkarel!

One shortcut would be to select a widget, press [return], and then start typing into the widget. If you really miss the old feature of entering text into a widget after selection, you can turn off single-key shortcuts by navigating to “Axure RP 9 Beta/File > Preferences > Canvas” and de-selecting the “Enable Single Key Shortcuts” checkbox.


Great thanks for help!


Shortcut for temporarily hiding grid/guides is not working. I just updated to most recent version of beta. Any recommendations?


Hi suzannempath,

Hmm, the [Ctrl] + [Space] hotkey to temporarily hide grids/guides is working on my end. Would you happen to be using a non-English keyboard, or have any special keyboard mappings set up?


I see shortcuts for increasing/decreasing font size has changed. Ctrl-Alt-[+] works for me, but not the one for decreasing. My keyboard layout is french/AZERTY. Do you know what this shortcut would be?

For context: zooming in and out works with CTRL+numpad. CTRL-[+} (near backspace) works, CTRL-[-] (6 key on my layout) doesn’t.

Thanks in advance


Hi Baptiste_R,

I wanted to let you know that I sent a response regarding this issue in this topic here.


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