Figma autolayout equivalent?



Hello everyone,

I just start Axure (professional obligation) and I’m looking but haven’t found it yet.

Is there is in Axure RP10 an equivalent of Figma autolayout?

For example, to change the position of a subtitle if the title is on 1 or 2 lines? This kind of things?

Thank’s in advance


Hello @tifok,

Thank you for writing in to the Axure Forums! Axure RP does not currently have an Autolayout feature similar to Figma’s. This is something that we are looking into for a future release of Axure RP, and I have added your feedback to this Feature Request with our Product Team.

We greatly appreciate all feedback on the product, and you can write in directly to with any other Feature Requests or questions that you may have. Thank you!

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