Figma --> Axure Plugin


The Sketch to Axure plugin is extremely useful.

My 20 person shop is switching to Figma soon. Any plans for a Figma plugin? I really want to keep using Axure for prototypes.


Agreed. One of the reasons we use Axure is that we are a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) shop - and for the same reason we’d prefer our visual designers to use Figma rather than Sketch.


I´d like to second this! Figma is gaining tremendous traction, and a plugin would be very much welcomed.

  • Colin


Figma to Sketch plugin would be brilliant!


Any updates on this? Really Really Really need a Figma -> Axure integration, so I don’t have to redesign the whole UI


I need this too!

One of the few things keeping us on Sketch is the fact that we use Axure a lot and benefit from the Sketch->Axure plugin. It would be great to switch to Figma and keep the ability to import straight into Axure.


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Hi all, thanks for the feedback! We are definitely looking into integrating with more tools beyond just Sketch (including Figma). While it is on the roadmap we don’t have additional details to share yet, but we’d recommend keeping an eye on the newsletters and blogs to stay in the loop.

We’re going ahead and closing out this thread as we’ve moved feature requests off the forums and are directing those requests (and feedback) to As far as feedback and input, if anyone is interested in being more directly involved with chiming in during the development of Axure’s future releases feel free to join the Axure User Council if you haven’t done so already! :slight_smile: