Filter repeater in dynamic panel

I’m trying to build a type-ahead drop down field. As the user types in a text field it will filter the repeater widget items. I’d like the repeater widget to be in a container that only shows 5 items and scrolls to show other items.

I think the only way to make the repeater widget scroll is to put it inside of a fixed height dynamic panel that scrolls. The text field will be outside of the dynamic panel. The problem I have is that once the repeater widget is inside of a state of the dynamic panel I can not have the text field filter the repeater widget. Any suggestions?

The repeater being inside a panel should make no difference. Something else is going on. After you place it in the panel, double check the repeater is still correctly referenced by whatever is setting the filter.

Are you using the 8.0 beta?

Any step by step on how to do this?

Hi casey.marvin,

The following resources might be helpful. Let me know if you have any questions!