Filter repeater through global variable


I have a repeater list containing a column of price values [[Item_ChampionPrice]]. I would like the list to be filter based on a user input on a previous page transferred to the list page via a global function “BugetNightly”.

I have tried adding the AddFilter target to the text field where the global variable “BudgetNightly” is shown using the following command however it simply clears the whole list completely even when the value in the variable is set to larger than the values in the repeater.


Nothing looks wrong with your filter from what I can see (short of examining the actual file). There is probably just a simple error somewhere. Here are things I would check.

  • Confirm the value of the global variable that the filter depends on. You can do this in the browser when you preview it by clicking the Trace button: image
  • Make sure there are matched sets of double brackets around the filter
  • Make sure that there aren’t any characters outside of the double brackets. Even a space character outside of the double brackets will cause the filter to fail.

If all of the above checks out, you may want to post the file (if possible).


I have checked all these and they’re all ok.
I’m attaching the file for further investigation:
Price_configuration-Share.rp (1.6 MB)

Thanks for your help!


I couldn’t find where you are setting the filter, but the code that should be in the Item Loaded event of the repeater is in the Loaded event of the repeater, which is why all rows are displaying the same hotel. (I see the Show Budget command, but there is no Add Filter command after it as is shown in your screenshot.)

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