Filtering a Repeater with Pagination issue

I have a small issue when filtering through a repeater. My project has a dropdown with several options, and when a user selects an option, it will filter through the repeater, and only display those results. My repeater has a pagination, as there are multiple items in the repeater. The default option that is selected is “All”, so that all items are displayed within the pagination. My issue is that when a user selects an option, and that selected option is larger than the pagination “Items per Page” option, it ignores the limit. Is there any way to fix this issue, as cannot understand why this issue happens.

1)“Men” option is selected, properly filters through repeater

  1. Returning back to “All” option shows all items, regardless of pagination option

I have posted my project if my description does not properly describe my issue:
EcommerceShop.rp (51.4 KB)

You have an interaction on your ‘Shop For’ selector that sets items per page to ‘All’. You need to either remove this interaction or set it to 4.

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Thanks for your help! Did not realize that selector in my dropdown caused the issue!

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