Fire event on pageLoad

I’m having trouble with Fire Events on pageLoad on RP9.
I have created the same functionality on RP9 and RP8 as an example.

The blue box should hide on load. It’s fire trigger is a click on the white box that will hide it.

On RP9 a fire event on pageLoad no longer works:

On RP8 a fire event on pageLoad works:

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Is there no console in the Axure 9 player? Wanted to check if your event really isn’t firing, can’t find a console there.

Only works on local files I think?

In Axure 8 you have the console on

Hi robinvr!

From reviewing your Axure RP projects, it looks like the Fire Event action is trying to trigger an OnClick event for your white rectangle, is this correct? I wanted to let you know that there is a known issue that our respective teams have on file regarding this behavior, where OnPageLoad events with a Fire Event action are set to target a widget’s OnClick action will not successfully fire that OnClick action. While this issue is still under investigation, I’ll be adding a note to our filed report regarding your experience.

I also wanted to confirm that in Axure RP 9, the console is only available when previewing your project locally.

I hope this helps!


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