[Fixed] Images not showing up on preview now?

I’ve been working on this file for some time, and today when I preview, the images in my repeater table are not showing up. I have no idea why. Help! The images have been working fine all along - until today. I didn’t do anything differently. Axure just had an update but I doubt that did it. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

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Job_Management_12_21.rp (653.0 KB)

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Same issue here. I also updated. Looks fine in Axure, but on preview, my images assigned via repeater (import image, set image [[item.image]]) aren’t showing up at all.

It looks like there was an issue in the update this week where images in a repeater aren’t rendering in the browser if some of the images are using the placeholder and others have images loading into the widget.

We’ll get a fix for this soon. In the meantime you can roll back to build 3628 using the link here: RP 9 Beta Download Link and Release Notes and the images should behave as expected.


Hi, I’m having this issue as well. Has there been a solution for this yet?




Yes, the bug that was reported in this thread back in January was fixed as of build 3631. This thread will be closed since the original issue has been resolved, but if you’re running into separate issues with your repeater images and you’ve already fully updated Axure RP 9, then please send your file over to support@axure.com with additional details about what you’re seeing and when the issue started so that we can assist you. Thank you!

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