[Fixed] Text Field's setting issue

When i open the editor which used to set type, hint, tooltip for the text field, it will show the lastest result that i had saved, for example:

I build two component Text Field A & B and set type “Text”, hint “hello” at Text Field A. Then i open the editor for Text Field B, it will show the setting that i done for Text Field A. If i click the save button, Text Field B will be set with type “Text” and hint “hello”.

If you clean these settings and save at Text Field B, now you open the Text Field A and you will see every setting fields are blink, but actually it should show type “Text” and hint “hello”.

I thought this editor should show their own setting for each different components, not show the setting what user has done before.

Can you fix it soon?

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Same here. First I thought, that I’ve done a mistake …

I have the same issue. And when I try to go into edit the hint text later, it’s blank and if I save all my hint text is lost.

Hi! It sounds like you’re all running into a known bug that affected Axure RP 9 builds 3658 and earlier. We released a fix for this issue in the release candidate builds, which should allow the settings in the properties popup to behave normally and not pass from widget to widget as you’re currently seeing. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend updating to the latest release candidate build to get the fix along with several other performance optimizations that we’ve released. If you’re unable to update to the release candidate build, then the fix should be included in an upcoming public release build. Hopefully that helps!

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