[Fixed] Unable to import styles from rpteamlib anymore

Just updated to the latest version of Axure and suddenly I am no longer able to import the styles from an rpteamlib file anymore. This is the error I get:

After the first occurence I have checked out the rpteamlib file from Axure cloud and saved under a new name. Still it’s not possible to update the styles from an rpteamlib file, which is critical for us as the library makes extensive use of styles.

The same applies to .rpteam files. It only works with local .rp files now :frowning:

Hi! Sounds like you’re running into a known bug that showed up after build 3684 of Axure RP 9 where importing from team projects broke. The fix for this has been released in the latest release candidate build, 3691. If you’d like to update you can do so here, and the release note are available below:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much. Glad to know that this is a known issue that is already fixed. Somehow Check for Updates does not work right now (claims that there is no internet connection, while I am writing this here), but I will try this build as soon as it is working again.

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