[Fixed]Unable to Select Grouped Objects

It was posted (link below) that the selection tool does not select grouped elements. This is true and this is a defect. Making another selection type is not an acceptable way to “workaround” this and I’d like to request a correction be prioritized for an upcoming build. I have used and taught Axure use for almost as long as the software has existed and this is one of the most frustrating bugs for day-to-day designers like myself. Axure, as a software company, as always responded well to user feedback, so I thank you in advance for addressing these concerns. Many Thanks!

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the post! The fix for “Select Contained” mode not working for group selections has been released in the latest release candidate build (3665). You can download that build to test it out and review the release notes for it here. Hopefully that does the trick!

I tried release candidate 3665 and selecting groups appears to be working properly again. Really, looking forward to seeing this feature part of the next complete build. Thank you very much for addressing this!!

Glad that it resolved the issue for you! :slight_smile:

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