Focus issue with text fields in Chrome

Since updating to the latest version of Axure, I am seeing an issue with applying ‘Got Focus’ interactions on text fields, but only on Chrome.

I have various text fields which show a hidden text widget to mimic Material Design style input fields. These fire when the user focuses the field and are hidden again if the user leaves the field without entering any text.

However, now the Got Focus/Lost Focus interactions appear to be looping when I place the cursor in any field. It looks like perhaps it is detecting every blink of the cursor as a Got/Lost Focus event? It’s really weird and only happens in Chrome, not Safari or Firefox.

This was not happening before my latest update.

Another weird wrinkle is that this only appears to happen if the field/label group I use is from library. If I manually recreate the field, it doesn’t exhibit the behaviour.

A further issue - I’ve realised it happens when hint text is dismissed on focus, but not otherwise. So the dismissal of hint text appears to be interfering, in Chrome, with the Got/Lost Focus detection.

If I take the hint text out of the field, it functions as expected.

And another oddity - this only happens with text fields. Text areas behave normally. Very odd.

After an email discussion with Axure support, it seems this is a bug - ungrouping the fields included in the Focus/Lose Focus behaviours fixes the issue for now.

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