Font Awesome 5 Free OTF not appearing on LOCAL mac with RP9 only. See VIDEO

Hi, does anyone else have problems with Font Awesome characters not appearing on local mac with RP9, but fine with other programs? This symptom is similar to this thread, however it is not possible to disable the “sketchy effect” because this feature no longer exists in Axure RP 9.

The Font Awesome 5 Free OTF file is working fine with latest versions of XD, Illustrator and Sketch and FontBook, as shown in this video screen recording demonstrating the issue:

Fontawesome 5.8.2
Mac OSX 10.14.2 (Macbook Pro 2014)

I have this same problem on Mac. Any ideas?

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Finally figured it out:

  1. Uninstall previous Font Awessome Free version (also “resolve duplicates” in FontBook).
  2. Install latest Fontawesome Free (5.9.0 in my case).
  3. Restart Axure 9, and update “Publish/Generate HTML files/Fonts” and “Fonts/Font mapping”

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