Font Awesome icons not rendering properly

Working on a new Mac so also a new instance of Axure. Had Font Awesome setup on the old one and now having issues getting it working on the new computer. I’ve installed the fonts with Font Book, added the link to the CDN ( under Web Fonts.

Inside Axure, FA icons show up as question marks in boxes but if I select the icon as if I’m going to edit it, the icon is displayed. As soon as the text is no longer highlighted, it returns to the dreaded [?]

Any ideas? This is slowly driving me insane.

Hi! Are you still running into this issue with Font Awesome? If so, do you happen to have any fonts applied to the entire page via the “Style” tab in the Sketch Effects sections? If you have any fonts selected in that dropdown there, then it will apply to all widgets on the page and overwrite any other fonts, including Font Awesome on your icons. The override would cause all Font Awesome icons to render as question marks since the incorrect font is applied, but you would still see the correct icon show when you select the icon as though you are going to edit it (as in your description). If you do see any fonts selected for the page in the Style tab, please try setting it back to “Applied Font” to see if that resolves the issue. I would advise also double checking that Font Awesome is applied to the fonts and that the correct font weight is selected for them (e.g. Regular, Solid) if needed.

If you still run into issues, then would you mind attaching your file or emailing so that we can take a closer look at the settings? Thanks!

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Alyssa, that’s exactly what it was. Once I switched back to Applied Font, all is right in my world.

Thanks! You’re my hero!!


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Perfect! Glad that helped! :slight_smile: