Font Awesome 6 Axure Widget library has been updated to 6.4.0

Hello guys,

We’ve updated our Font Awesome 6 Axure widget library to 6.4.0. Experience the joy by downloading it now. It’s FREE:

Both Axure RP 9 and Axure RP 10 are supported.


Happy prototyping

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I am using it. Thanks for sharing. I’ll download the updated version.

Placed to cart and received email to download. OnClick of the download link, the file is not to be found.

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It shows that you have downloaded the file 4 times. Just in case, we’ve emailed you with the library. Please feel free to let us know your questions/feedback, if you have any. Cheers.

Thank you for sending separately. Yes, I previously tried to download multiple times without any luck. Your assistance has been very useful.

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That’s perfect. Happy prototyping!

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Same problem as Pierre01 here. I’ve proceeded to checkout, received the mail, but “file not found” appears when I try to download.

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We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have sent you the library via email. Please feel free to let us know if you have any issues.

It seems like there are some other issues with the file permission, and we’ll fix them by tomorrow.

Happy prototyping!
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