Font Size control

I LOVE it that on RP9 many of toolbar controls now have up and down arrows … BUT was really hoping the Font Size control would have an up and down arrows too… maybe in 0.5 increments … much quicker than a dropdown and typing in. Nice quick way to try out adjustments.

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hope recover shortcut key combination ctr+shift+< or > to control font size


Hi rainbowboy!

The hotkeys for increasing/decreasing font size has changed in the Axure RP 9 Beta to:

[Alt] + [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + [-]/[+]

You can find the updated hotkey list here:

Thanks … would still be great to have buttons for increase and decrease … like for example on Microsoft Word.

There could me hotkey for small adjustments by 0.5 increments. When trying things out I have to keep typing in the amounts 10 , 10.5 , 11 , 11,5 to try things out.
Just an idea … I think in most projects people have to micro adjust fonts when prototyping … it is a common function.

Jane_Axure … would be REALLY USEFUL if the + and - keys on the numeric keypad could be used as well as on th main keyboard. They are far quicker to find / more accessible ….

It’s infuriating that this shortcut changed. ctlr-shift-< / > is used in many other applications :expressionless: