Font Size on iOS

Hi there, I’m building an iOS mockup and am wondering what size font to use for body text. According to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, the body text size should be 17pt. I can see that 17pt corresponds to 23px (source). But 23px is obviously larger than the font I see on most of my other iPhone apps. I have a feeling this is related to the resolution and initial scale, so I think I need to halve everything in the mockup (88px on iPhone is 44px in Axure).

Does anyone know for sure what pixel font size I should use in Axure to align with Apple’s guideline of 17pt?


Hi Amanda!

Axure RP’s default DPI is 72, which means that 1 pixel = 1 pt. Setting your font size to 17 should allow for the correct text size of 17pt to render when previewed. For more information on Axure RP’s DPI settings and fonts, please take a look at this forum post.

I hope this helps!

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