Freezer row and column in the repeater

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with the long repeater. My repeater looks like normal table for the user. Because it’s really long I want to freeze the first row and column something like you may see here:

I already tried dynamic panel and above it columns and row but dynamic panel only scroll what’s inside it.

I haven’t found a solution yet but maybe there is possibility to change it in HTML code? if so then how :smiley:

No need to do any fancy HTML edits, you can do it all in native Axure. What you’re you’re talking about is called a “sticky header”; there’s lots of forum posts on how to make one. It should be pretty easy to adapt the method used to make the header to work vertically for your column.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I believe You are talking about “Pin to browser” option (with dynamic pannels) but when your header is wider than the screen resolution you will never see other options.

In the example, I gave (uxtools) header is scrolling with content. With “pin to browser” I can’t do that simultaneously because I scroll content of repeater or dynamic pannel pinned to browser.

So thats my problem ;p From what I know in Websites its made with some JavaScript but maybe there is some clever way of doing it some other way.

here is a screen of that moment. You see scrolled header wit labels and pinned to the left icons of programs

Nope. No dynamic panels needed. You use the OnScroll event to keep moving the widgets so they always remain visible.FrozenColumnsRows.rp (120.9 KB)

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@huban thank you veeeery much Sir!

It works like magic, I haven’t thought about it earlier.

Thanks again and have a great day!

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