[future requests]

  1. The Text Box type allows for color.

  2. “Text Changed” can be triggered when the text box is non-Text.

  3. When the text box is File, the file name can be obtained.

  4. In the interaction, the path SRC of an image can be obtained and assigned to another image.

  5. In the interaction, Widget Style (including Mouseover Mousedown Selected Disabled Focused…) can be changed dynamically.

  6. In the interaction, the options inside the DropList can be dynamically changed, and their style can be set.

  7. In the interaction, the values of the Tree can be added, modified, or deleted.

  8. A Widget.richtext method is added.

  9. In Rich Text, part of the text background can be highlighted.

  10. In Rich Text, the second parameter of String.replace can be Rich Text.

  11. The Math.sign() function is added.

  12. Canvas/Audio/Video Widgets are added.

  13. Wait Interaction could set fx value.

  14. “Set Selected/Unselected” could set fx value.

  15. The background color of inlineFrame can be modified (including transparency).

  16. Different rounded corners can be set for each corner.

  17. .rp/.rplib files can be password-protected for modify.

I use google translate above.hope you can understand.

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  1. Double-click on the Zoom area to set the scale to 100% directly.


  1. Need Item.Repeater.pageSize to get the value of “Item per page”

20.support window.btoa and window.atob function