Game Prototyping in Axure RP 9

Hello, all!

I am a game designer working on prototyping a Space Trader Simulation game.

For the past two months, I have been learning Adobe XD for this purpose.

While XD has nice animation, it has very little actual interactivity that will enable me, as a non-programmer, to do basic game play functionality.

I am learning JavaScript, and want an app that allows users to extend the functionality of a rapid prototyper.

Which is why I’m now here.

If someone would, please let me know if I can do the following in Axure:

Have a button that generates a random value (like a die roll), and then have a code function that compares that value to a target value, to determine the outcome of an attack/defense/action.

Randomly select a line from a linked text file (JSON) and display that in a dialog or text field in an interface.

Overwrite specific variables in a linked JSON file.

Randomly select a cell from a row or column in a linked spreadsheet.

Overwrite specific variables in a linked spreadsheet.

Any assistance with this information would be greatly appreciated!

@DigiLusionist, The thing to understand about Axure (and XD) is they are prototyping applications, great for creating quick simulations or demonstrations of concepts, but not intended for creating full applications. Reading and writing to external files pretty much crosses that line, although some prototyping tools are much more code-based, like Framer or Visual Studio and they may support external file I/O. With Axure, your best approach would be to copy the content of those files into your prototype, via repeater tables and global variables.

Yes, take a look at the many examples posted on this forum: Search results for 'random' - Axure Forums
You can also use javascript injection to call your favorite or custom rand() function.

No, reading from files isn’t supported. You can (in the editor) paste the text lines into a table or repeater widget and then randomly select a row and set the text of any widget to the text content of that row. Briefly described in this thread: How to extract data from google sheets and store it to a global variable? - #4 by JonB

No, not unless you can use javascript to achieve this, write that into a function and call that via javascript injection. You could fake this by creating a set of global variables to match those in your JSON file.

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