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what do you think about “Global settings” for widgets etc.? My problem is that I work on product with defined style (fonts, colors etc.) and when I start new project, I need to setup these things or make a fast wireframe without proper styles. Now I have workaround - one empty project where Widget style is defined according to my needs.

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I think you need a custom library

In the library panel (with all the widgets) you can create a new one.
This one can hold all your custom widgets

Hello, I am afraid in that case I need to duplicate all basic items. I need to set global default for all basic items. What I need is:

  • I insert fresh new Box 1
  • Its font will be XX (not Arial)
  • Font color will be specific gray
  • Border will be specific gray
    …and the same if I use Droplist etc.

It can be done via Project - Widget Style Manager, but this is for actual project only. If I start a new one, I need to set up these properties again.

Perhaps i didn’t explain this properly
Using a custom library, you can have your own widgets with whatever style you want

See the attached example:
Download my library and load it to your project

You will see my custom rectangle that already has a preset style
Whenever you use this component, it will always have that style


Library file:

libraryExample.rplib (46.4 KB)

Hi @Siq, is this the best solution that you found so far? I am solving the same problem. So far it seems that custom library with some remade widgets from Default library is the way to go.

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