Global guides in masters?

I am using Global Guides to create grids across multiple adaptive views.

They work great in normal pages, but when I open a master, the guides are not displayed. In RP8, global guides persisted across pages and masters. I even created a master from a page that had Global Guides to start with. (Guides are set to visible in both views)

Is this intentional?


Master - no guides are present

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Hmm, this behavior looks to be unexpected. Just to confirm, it sounds like you ran into this issue when converting a widget (or group of widgets) that was placed on a page with adaptive views and global guides into a master. Is this correct? If this is the case, to further troubleshoot this issue, could you please see if removing the adaptive views from this newly created master allows the global guides to reappear? You can remove the adaptive views by navigating to the master’s Style pane and click the “Remove Views” link. Please let me know what you find!

Thanks for the reply - masters do not seem to have any awareness of the Global Guides created on Pages, no matter what process I follow. I’ve decided not to continue troubleshooting this issue and go back to RP8 since snapping to guides and grid was not working consistently either, and often the guides will just disappear from the screen until I scroll the page up and down to cause them to re-render.

My experience has been that adaptive views have their own guides, which makes sense to me, since they have different widths by definition, thus necessitating a different set of guides. - I can see this being a problem with ‘master views’ though, since they’re meant to be independent of the adaptive views.

I’ve also experienced guides disappearing, requiring a zoom change to ‘re-draw’ the screen - this kind of thing happens a lot and seems to be a limitation or under-utilization of whatever renders the UI.

I’ve also had issues with snapping… It’s not near as strong as it should be. In most cases I’d rather struggle with getting something to not snap than the other way around. I’ve gone so far as creating widgets that exist only to snap to because the guides aren’t having much of an effect.

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Thanks @JimJam I use masters to create things like Top Nav bars and Footers, which are definitely dependent on the adaptive views and their guides. Popovers, etc, not so much, so I was interested to see how RP9 would reconcile this issue. I was ok with seeing the adaptive Global Guides on my masters; I would just disregard them when they applied to not responsive widgets.

Also having a lot of issues with the redrawing of guides and the snapping being inconsistent.

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I’m having similar problems with Guides in RP9. They were appearing on all adaptive views for my pages but not my Masters. As soon as I added them to a Master, they started only appearing on the BASE for my pages and Masters. Can someone from Axure weigh in here? It seems RP9 was not ready for release and I need to decide whether to revert.

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More info: I went to my ‘Home’ page, into each adaptive view, and manually created the same preset grid. Then I went into the only Master I have so far, and did the same for each Master View. Even though the ‘Create Global Guides’ checkbox was checked. Wondering if I’m missing something - ideally we should be able to define Adaptive Views and Grid/Guide settings at the project level, so that all items created would inherit by default (but could be overridden if needed). Instead, I’m having to define the same things (views and guides) for every page or master I create. It didn’t seem this difficult in RP8 but I could be missing something… help!

I’m also having issues with maintaining guides in masters. Once adaptive views are added, the global guides disappear, which makes sense in terms of master view being apart from page adaptive views.
But once I create local guides for each master view, not forgetting to uncheck “Create as Global Guides”, guides from all master views after some time pile only in the base master view and disappear from inheriting views.

Seems like I’m not the only one. Does somebody know any way to use guides in masters anyway?

I experience the same thing. I need the same guides within masters and this slows me down.

Has this issue been resolved? I cannot see any guides in the masters.

I’m still having the same issue. Any updates? Thank you!

Also came here to ask this question about global guides not showing up in Masters. Current workaround is setting page-specific guides inside the Master but this isn’t ideal either. It’s like the global guides just disappear inside the Master once you convert a group of elements into the Master! Thanks for reading

Hi all,

Thanks for letting us know about this! We do have a bug report on file regarding the behavior mentioned earlier regarding global guides and adaptive views, and I’ve gone ahead and added a note regarding this topic to that report for our teams to review. However it looks like we don’t have anything filed on the master behavior you’re running into just yet. I just tested out some behavior in some recent versions of Axure RP 9 on Windows 10 and Mac 10.14.6, but I wasn’t able to reproduce issues seeing global guides in master views under these circumstances. Here are my steps for reference:

  1. Open a new project file and use the canvas-level context menu to navigate to “Rulers, Grid, and Guides > Create Guides”.
  2. Select the first preset (960 Grid: 12 Column) and click “OK” to save the new global guides.
  3. Select the “Masters” pane and click the “Add Master” icon to add a new master to the project
  4. Go back to Page 1, place a widget on the page, and right-click to select “Create Master”.

In steps 3 and 4, I was able to see a new master open on the canvas and show global guides.

If you’re seeing issues while following the same steps in a recent Axure RP 9 build, or if you’re seeing issues while following different steps, please let me know. If this only seems to be occurring with certain project files, or under more complex conditions, or in a different OS version please feel free to send project files and additional information along in this topic, or email our support team at for further investigation.

Thank you!

I’ve only recently upgraded to Axure 9 and am beginning to wish I hadn’t.
Global guides only seem to appear in masters if you create a new mater with no adaptive views.
You can add ‘master views’ but there are no presets or ability to use the view points already set up in the document.
All my existing masters now cannot be edited with guides, and I can’t create new ones either because I’m using adaptive views, which makes life really difficult and is a massive backwards step from axure 8.

I see this thread has been going for over 12 months - when is this going to be rectified?

Same issues here.
I’m on Axure RP 10, macbook air M1 2020, macOS Monterey 12.1.
Working with different global guides across adaptive views.

  1. On component created > global guides not present …currently, I copy paste them from the pages/widgets which is tedious

  2. On file close/open > global guides from all adaptive views get combined in the first adaptive view and disappear from other views. So only first adaptive view in the tree has the global guides but then not only the respective view but also from others. It’s a mess.